Why Capricare®

There are 3 very good reasons to choose Capricare® for your little one

why capricare

Goats’ milk is gentle on little tummies. That’s because it has a different protein composition to cows’ milk, which makes it behave differently in little tums. Once digested, goat milk’s soft curds break apart more easily, and that makes baby’s tummy a happy tummy.

Whole milk based
Unlike most infant formulas, Capricare® is made from whole milk. This means the natural goodness of milk fat is preserved, which is one of the essential nutrients also found in breast milk. You can feel reassured that Capricare® is more naturally nutritious.

Nature’s friend
Goats’ milk is also naturally full of prebiotics, with eight times more than cows’ milk!Please note: Goat milk infant formula is not suitable for infants with diagnosed cow milk protein allergy. Please consult your healthcare professional.

The wonder of goats’ milk

Did you know that goat milk is one of the oldest sources of nutrition for humans? It has been used for 10,000 years!

In ancient Egypt goats played an important role because of their ability to provide high quality milk. Today the benefits of goat milk are being rediscovered, and goat milk consumption in developed countries is increasing and new uses are being developed to meet a growing demand.

why capricare

why capricare

A simpler process

Our process is a minimal one. There’s no over-processing which means we protect natural nutrients like nucleotides and phospholipids which are present in whole milk.
As well as this we only add the ingredients your baby needs (we never add things like palm oil, sucrose or maltodextrin), keeping our products as close to its natural source as possible.

We also make it simpler by owning all of our farms and our purpose-built, specialist facility too. That way we have full, and sole, control over every part of our product, from the farm right through to the shelf.

Supported by clinical research

Clinically Evaluated

Capricare® formulations have been developed after more than 20 years of research and multiple clinical trials. You can feel relaxed because they are proven safe and effective, with the necessary nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop at each stage.